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Inspiring well-done video by Azahn Munas

“Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all monsters to gather, to create, to share, and to inspire.” – Lady Gaga

I love it!

LM Original Concept + Designs

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The Singularity is Near

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The Boom of Recognition Technology

With the continuing boom of social networking and the continuous introduction of new methods of communication, recognition technology is currently experiencing new levels of interest. What started for many consumers as the novelty of having photos of friends automatically tagged on sites such as Facebook, recognition technology is now far more evolved. Computers can now not only recognise faces, but also body movements, voice and even electrical signals from within the brain. Facial recognition, gesture recognition and brainwave technology are the three forms of recognition that are showing signs of totally transforming the way we interact. This type of technology could transpire into industries such as TV programmes, gaming, advertising and mobile communications.

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Randi Zuckerberg Interviews Joey Primiani at SXSW

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Catch Me On My New Show “Future Web” on TWiT

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Host: Joey Primiani, Daniel Brusilovsky and Brian Wong
Guest: Shahed Khan

Young entrepreneurs give their vision of the future of technology.
Topics: Kids in the valley, guess that business model & the latest bubbling trend.

Top 25 Under 25

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I’m honored to be featured on the 25 under 25 list. Thank you to all and my amazing team for making it possible.

Dribbble Dribbble, Shoot, Score!

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